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What We Offer

Starting a business involves meticulous planning, making crucial financial and legal decisions, and conducting essential research. While the foundational steps are consistent across all businesses, each venture is as unique as the entrepreneur behind it. At LaunchBox, we recognize this uniqueness and tailor our StartUP Launch process to meet your specific needs through personalized one-on-one counseling, coaching, and mentoring.

Ready to launch your business the right way? Contact LaunchBox to set up your FREE consultation with one of our experienced Business Coaches. It’s where you START!


RampUp | Workshops
Aimed at early-stage or existing businesses, these workshops and courses will equip owners with the tools and knowledge to enhance their business footprint.

ScaleUp | Speaker Series
Ongoing daytime speaker series with topics covering leadership, human resources, and lessons learned from existing entrepreneurs and small business owners.

LeadUp | Leadership Training

Designed to empower small business owners and their teams to achieve success and growth. This comprehensive program focuses on enhancing entrepreneurial skills and effective team leadership.

ServSafe logo
The ServSafe Manager Certification is for food service workers in restaurants, nursing homes, daycares, and hospitals. It confirms knowledge of proper practices and provides skills for managing food safety within the operation.